The Coffee Estate Inn

There are two maps on this page.  The first map is a general Panama map to help orient you.  The second map shows the driving route to the Coffee Estate Inn from the center of Boquete.

Boquete is situated in the mountains of north western Panama in the province of Chiriqui, 90 kilometers from the Costa Rican border (1 1/2 hours driving) and 450 kilometers from Panama city (6 hours driving). The closest airport is in the city of David, 40 kilometers south of Boquete.

La Montaña y el Valle - The Coffee Estate Inn is situated at 4,200 feet in Jaramillo Arriba.  The best way to enjoy your stay with us is to fly from Panama City to David, rent a vehicle and drive up here. Renting a vehicle is the difference between staying in the mountains with us on a private estate and renting a room in town. Taxis are not readily available to come up here at exactly the minute you want one, if ever, as they have more lucrative fares downtown. There are good restaurants downtown and beautiful driving loops and areas to explore. You miss a lot if you don't have your own vehicle.

We are 700 feet above the town of Boquete up a steep road and less than a seven-minute drive from Boquete.  We are three kilometers from the center of town of which 2 1/2 kilometers are newly paved. The last 1/2 kilometer of our road is rock-gravel. Although you can drive up here in any vehicle, a higher clearance (not necessarily 4X4) vehicle with automatic transmission is more comfortable.

The flight from Panama City to David is about an hour and then another hour by vehicle from the David airport to Boquete on an asphalt highway. We provide detailed driving directions.

There are many scenic routes on paved and gravel roads once you are here and it is safe to drive. We provide you with good maps of the area and will explain all of the driving routes. Our guests regularly take advantage of our reservation service to arrange for a smaller higher clearance vehicle from a reliable car rental agency at the David airport.

If you are coming from Bocas del Toro, Costa Rica or elsewhere, there are different transportation options that we can discuss with you at such time as you guarantee your reservation.

Please note that you will definitely need the following driving directions and map to get to The Coffee Estate Inn from Boquete.

When you get to Boquete:
La Montaña y el Valle - The Coffee Estate Inn is situated at 4,200 feet in Jaramillo Arriba, about 700 feet above the town of Boquete. You will be following two directional signs for La Montaña y el Valle - The Coffee Estate Inn. It is less than a 7 minute drive from the central park/square in downtown Boquete to our inn.

  • Once you reach Boquete, stay on the main street and look for the municipal square.  Turn right at the corner of the square and continue through two intersections and cross the decorative steel bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left.
  • Set your odometer to "0." You will pass the Boquete fair grounds on your left, drive up and down a small hill and pass a large white hotel on your right. Continue straight ahead until your odometer reads 1.2 kilometers.
  • Look for our sign at the intersection indicating a right turn and drive uphill on a steep asphalt road.
  • At 2.0 kilometers, and, at our second sign, just before a basketball court on the left, turn right onto a rock-gravel road. You should also see a "Jaramillo Centro" sign to the right pointing in our direction.
  • Continue on the gravel road until your odometer reads 2.6 kilometers. You will have passed a cellular tower on the right at 2.4 kilometers and a little further, a walled private home on the right and El Explorador on the left. Our entrance with two lamps on columns is about 200 feet beyond the private home on the right.